A great auto repair starts with a great auto mechanic.

A refreshingly easy path to a trust-based relationship with mechanics.

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A pressure-free way to compare mechanics

Blinker takes the stress out of your repairs in a few unique ways.

No-pressure inspection

Take your car in for a thorough inspection and if needed, a quote for any needed repairs. Our system allows other shop to submit comparable quotes, removing unnecessary buying pressure.


Effortlessly compare quotes

Compare real estimates side-by-side, without making a phone call. Compare according to things like warranty, customer ratings, price, or repair time.


Built-in driver protection

Each service performed through Blinker is backed with Buyer Protection and a free "second opinion". You convey your satisfaction simply and confidentially with a detailed review.


Hear what car owners have to say...

"Its always felt a bit intimidating going into a mechanic... I can never really tell if I'm being dealt with fairly. I'd love a service that could provide some transparency into the process of getting my car fixed. I really just want peace of mind."
Heidi L.
Mountain View, CA
"I think I've put off fixing my car for at least a year, just because it's so inconvenient. It's also a hassle to call around for quotes, since all the shops say I have to bring it in first. The ability to easily see if I'm getting a fair price and compare quotes side-by-side is really cool."
Jung S.
Mountain View, CA
"If I'm going to get my car fixed, I'm the kind of girl that researches a ton beforehand. Review sites are useful, but I'm always wondering if the review is actually real. The verified reviews here seem to fix all that."
Karen U.
Mountain View, CA

How it works

Here's how we bring peace of mind to your repair experience

Record your vehicle symptoms

You easily record any of your vehicle’s current symptoms with us, giving your mechanic the most accurate picture of your situation before you arrive.


Pick a shop based on your needs

Choose a shop category based on your preferences, then browse local repair faciilties and choose the one that best meets your needs. Schedule and bring your car in for your first appointment.


Compare results, fast

After your first inspection is complete, the results, including images of any worn parts, will automatically be added to your profile. If you elect for multiple repair shop quotes, we do the shopping and research for you, so you can have all the information needed for comparison.


Leave verified feedback

After your repair, both you and your repair shop will be able to leave detailed feedback about your experience. You’ll get to rate everything from sales tactics to how effectively the shop communicated with you about your vehicle. Your service and repair history is saved to your profile - say goodbye to a stuffed glove box!